Video is a powerful tool for transparency, and governments everywhere are starting to catch on. Just a sideways glance at the number of times public officials have ordered the deletion of footage, or deleted it themselves, will reveal how important it is to keep our representatives accountable.

In the past few years, a new tool has come onto the scene: livestreaming. Instead of storing a copy of any incriminating video on the user’s phone or camcorder, livestreaming apps store a copy on an external server, making it nearly impossible for anyone other than the videographer or citizen journalist to delete or alter the footage. I’ve used it to video TSA checkpoints without fear of being arrested.

Patti Beers, otherwise known as PM Beers, has been streaming for several years, starting with the Occupy Wall Street protests and continuing on to police accountability protests, such as Justice for Ezell Ford, today. She’s a huge advocate for livestreaming, both for how it protects the videographer and how it keeps public officials accountable, even without their permission. Patti wants each and every activist to know how to use this amazing tool, and took the time to put together this video to show everyone how to get started.

Here’s the tech, knowledge, and tips you need to hold your politicos accountable.

(Video courtesy of Triplethreat via

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