Tools for Social Media

Digital Activism Research Project

The Digital Activism Research Project (DARP) is based in Seattle within the Department of Communication at the University of Washington. They study the effect of digital media on activism in an international context, and have produced some excellent reports. By far however, their most important impact is a redoing of Gene Sharp’s tactics for nonviolent resistance for the digital era. If you look through the information presented here, you will gain dozens of new ideas on how to effect change using today’s technology.

Donate Your Account

Donate Your Account is a service that allows your social media followers to give you access to post something on their account, usually once a week or once a month, multiplying your reach by the thousands. Extremely useful for large campaigns you need people to know about.

Do Not Link

If you’ve ever wanted to post an article, link to one, or highlight information from a dubious, scamming, or otherwise untrustworthy website, Do Not Link allows you to post or link to the information without increasing that site’s google ranking. Thus, you can easily bring attention to information on websites you do not want to promote. is a crowdreach service. Much like Kickstarter, or Gofundme, where you can ask people for donations and “crowdfund” a project, Thunderclap allows you to set a crowdreach goal, say 200 supporters, and then send one blast, under 140 character, message through all of them. It can also easily make your hashtag #trend on twitter, giving you even more exposure.


Twibbon is a cause site, developed specifically for social media. What makes Twibbon different, however, is that it allows you to create custom overlays that your supporters can add to their profile in one click. For example, you could create a leaf for an environmental campaign, and that leaf would appear on top of all your supporter’s profile pictures on facebook and twitter. The most famous campaign to use this was the NOH8 campaign.

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