Tools For Promotion

Dinosaur Media Contact Information

Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting (FAIR)’s media contact toolkit. Includes names, email forms, and twitter accounts.

List of Newspapers in the 50 States

Press releases are useless if you don’t know who to send them to. Here’s a handy list of over 3,500 dinosaur media newspapers across the United States.

Sample Press Release

Anyone who wants to promote an event, action, movement, or pretty much anything must master the press release. This is a successful press release from POLITICAST, a project SI advised on fundraising. You can copy the format for your press release.

Sample Press Release 2

This is a secondary press release format. This successful press release for the Toledo Know Your Rights Rally, a project advised by SI, garnered attention from 13ABC, NBC24, and the Toledo Blade.

Free Press Release Distribution Services, Newsvine, and several others are mentioned in this list of the best free press release distribution services. Though you won’t get as much traction as with paid services, those can cost thousands of dollars, and these services will get your press release out to a significant number of media sources and websites for free.

Sample Business Cards

Business cards are a must have for activists. It gives you credibility, and the ability to hand out your contact information, on the spot, to the people who matter. You can take this template to any online or brick and mortar print shop.

Sample Flyer

The basic flyer is the cornerstone of activism. This is an example of a successful basic flyer from People Against the NDAA.

Sample Flyer 2

This sample flyer was designed to protest the alleged black site in Chicago’s Homan Square, and is a great example of a color flyer (though it’s heavy on ink). Its bright colors and large text are eye-catching, and perfect for outdoor distribution, such as under windshields, on lightpoles, and handed out to passerby.

Sample Quarter-Flyer

A Microsoft Word quarter-flyer template. Quarter flyers are an easy, cheap, way to get info out during a protest, rally, or any inside or outside gathering.

Sample Organizing Petition

General petitions tend to be useless. Elected officials do not respond to the public begging them for action, until they can be shown that their constituents are willing to demand it. However, an organizing petition can help you find new activists, build your movement, and keep in touch with supporters. This is a sample organizing petition from People Against the NDAA.

Sample Postcard

Many older, or more rural, communities are difficult to reach online. Postcards are a time-honored tactic to get the word out about a new action, new legislation, or a general cause. This sample was successfully used in Kodiak , AK to rally over 300 people to a Planning and Zoning Commission meeting.

Sample Tri-Fold

For larger events, or activists with a bit of money to spare on printing, the Tri-Fold flyer is a very professional way of presenting your message. Here an example of a successful tri-fold flyer from People Against the NDAA. And for editing, here is the .psd, or Photoshop, file.


Scribd is a document hosting service, much like a Dropbox or a Google Drive, but designed for more public display. Instead of requiring people who visit your site to download a document, they can view the document right on your site with the Scribd embed. You can upload .PDFs, .DOC and . DOCX, and more.

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