Tools For Lobbying


Groopspeak takes action alerts public. It is more in-depth than an online petition, easier to use than a phone number on your website, and more social than an email list. When an activist creates an issue, people can weigh in at “for” or “against,” making it more credible to public officials than a standard petition site. This is action alerts, revamped, and will definitely help you in your lobbying efforts.

Open States Project

The OpenStates project gives you access to a database with state-level bills and legislators. You can search bills by text content and you can search for contact information for a specific lawmaker. You can also find information on their previous votes. The database is incomplete, so don’t bet your life on it, but still incredibly useful for lobbying at a state level.

Open Secrets

Open Secrets tracks the finances behind your federal representative’s campaigns. Open Secrets’ comprehensive database can let you know who is your weakest representative, and who is the strongest, as well as make it easy to call out recipients of dark money, and can be a strong addition to any lobbying strategy.

Follow the Money is Open Secrets for state-level politics. An extremely useful lobbying tool for anyone at the state level, it tracks every industry contribution to both incumbents and their challengers for any state-level office.

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