Tools for Coalition Building


Connect with a Local Party Affiliate

Contacting a local party is a good start to building a coalition. Here’s how to contact your local Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Greens, and Constitutionalists. In each case, you will have to go to another website or place, and drill down to find your local party affiliate. In most cases you will not want to contact the state party directly, but the above links contain a link to the state party’s website containing contact information for your local party.

Connect with a Tea Party or 9/12 Project

This is a contact link to, which has a list of contact information for hundreds of tea parties and 9/12 projects throughout the country. Locations are by state, and listed on the left-hand side of the page.

Connect with a Local Progressive Group

This is a contact link to, which lists several progressive groups in each state. It does not list the contact info for those groups directly, but it does catalog their websites so you can get that information yourself.

Meetup has two uses. Firstly, to advertise and invite people to events your group organizes, and second, to allow you to find and connect with possible coalition partners in your area. The second is powerful, as you can simply go to the website, enter “Movements and Politics” and “50 miles” as your parameters, and start finding a politically active group in your area. Individual registration is free, so start using meetup to build a political coalition in your community.

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