Tools for Court Appearances




You can easily find statutes, laws, lawyers, and legal advice on Findlaw. Good for basic understandings of the law, law text, and finding nearby legal professionals.

What to Expect at Your First Court Appearance

A Desk Appearance Ticket is given in lieu of placing a criminal defendant through the entirety of the formal arrest process. While your DAT indicates one charge you still may be charged with additional crimes. Arraignment is your first appearance before a judge. At this time you are formally presented with the charges against you (a formal paper filing). This two-page document explains what to expect and what you should do to ensure the best outcome.


ACLU Affiliates

Contrary to their public perception, ACLU affiliates are among the foremost legal advocates for activists across the political spectrum. they have taken up some of the most vaunted cases on the rights to protest, film public officials on duty, freedom of information, and dozens of other issues important to activists around the country.

The Rutherford Institute

The Rutherford Institute is a non-profit, conservative, legal organization dedicated to the defense of civil, especially religious, liberties and human rights. It has taken up such high level cases as the case of Brandon Raub, a Marine thrown in a mental hospital over expressing his political views on social media. If an ACLU affiliate won’t take the case, odds are, the Rutherford Institute will, and vice versa. Consider contacting both if your rights are violated.

FIJA Library

The Fully Informed Jury Association (FIJA) provides a library of resources for both potential jurors and potential defendants facing a jury trial. This document list includes information on Jury Nullification, why hung juries are important, and why the jury was deigned to have as much, if not more, authority as any other branch of government.


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