A constantly updated library of tools, resources, and databases for every area of activism.

 Category  Name Description
Tools for Legislative Research THOMAS A legislative search tool for any bill in Congress.
How to Draft a Resolution A quick guide on how to draft a legislative resolution.
Tools for Promotion Dinosaur Media Contact Information Contact info for the largest US media companies from FAIR.
List of Newspapers in the 50 States A list and contact info for established print newspapers in the US.
Sample Press Release A sample press release, used for fundraising.
Sample Press Release 2 A sample press release, used to get good media coverage for a local protest.
Free Press Release Distribution Services Free services to help you get the word out about press releases for events, fundraisers, etc.
Sample Business Cards Sample business card template.
Sample Flyer Sample one-page flyer with more detail.
Sample Flyer 2 Sample one-page flyer with basic text to get the message across.
Sample Quarter-Flyer Microsoft word quarter-flyer template for even les expensive flyering.
Sample Organizing Petition A sample petition with fields for contact information so you can build a local movement.
Sample Tri-Fold A sample, editable, trifold flyer.
Scribd A tool for hosting documents online in an easily readable format, and embedding them into websites afterward.
Tools for Organizing Doodle Scheduling A schedule polling tool to help choose the best time and date for events/calls across multiple people.
LastPass A online password manager. Store multiple passwords and share them, encrypted, with members of your leadership.
OpenOffice A free office suite, competing and compatible with Microsoft office.
Privnote A private note tool. Notes you send are destroyed soon after you intended recipient sees them.
Tapestry A big-data tool to help you determine the demographics of an area. Provides info like income, age, social interests, etc from a particular zip code
Tinyletter A free email newsletter service. You can send unlimited emails to up to 5000 subscribers for free.
Toggl Time Management A one-click time tracker.
WeTransfer A service for sending large files back and forth. You can send up to 1GB at any one time for free.
Tools for Social Media Digital Activism Research Project A list of almost 200 tactics to use in every area of activism, updated for the digital age.
Donate Your Account A service that works similar to corwdfunding, but for social media accounts. Supporters can donate their account to you for a specified amount (1 time per month, week, etc) and you can automatically post your information to their friends.
Do Not Link A service to keep journalists and writers from having to increase the search ranking of sources they dislike, but still allowing them to link to a source in an article.
Page Post A SI tool that allows someone to post a status or link on up to 50 facebook pages at one time. A services that works similar to crowdfunding, but for a social media “Thunderclap. Supporters can donate their Facebook and twitter accounts to send a predetermined message all at once. Useful for twitterstorms.
Twibbon Allows you to set up a campaign for social media awareness. Supporters can then change their profile picture, cover photo, or photo ribbon to support your campaign.
Tools for Court Appearances FindLaw A tool to browse sections of U.S. law and U.S. court cases.
FIJA Resources A library of resources for potential jurors or those facing jury trial.
ACLU Affiliates A list of ACLU affiliates to help with civil liberties/civil rights violations.
What to expect at your first court appearance The basics of being charged and pleading, court procedures and rules, and your right to remain silent.
The Rutherford Institute A link to the Rutherford institute for help with civil liberties/civil rights violations.
Tools for Event Planning Event Planning Checklist A checklist of items to complete with any event.
Interactive Event Map Intructions on how to create an interactive event map for large, decentralized events, such as global or national marches.
Tools for Coalition Building Connect with a Local Party Affiliate Contact information for each major U.S. political party’s local affiliates (Green, Libertarian, Republican, and Democrat).
Connect with a Tea Party or 9/12 Project A list of contact information for Tea Party/9-12 groups around the country.
Connect with a Local Progressive Group A list of contact information for progressive groups around the country. A popular meeting scheduling and group organization service that can also be used for finding local groups to connect or build coalitions with.
Tools for Lobbying Groopspeak A platform for dooing action alerts on any issue, with social media integration.
Open States Project Similar to the more popular OpenCongress, Open States provides legislative information about bills and reresentatives in U.S. state legislatures
Open Secrets Open secrets is an online database of financial donations to thousands of U.S. candidates Follow the Money is a database for financial donations to state-level U.S. candidates
Tools for Protesting Firechat Firechat is an application for messaging and chat via Bluetooth instead of using a cell tower. Gained popularity during the Umbrella Revolution, when authorities shut down cell towers to keep protesters from communicating with each other.
UStream A livestreaming service. Video that is taken is automatically uploaded to the internet to prevent possible deletion or loss.
OCLP Manual of Disobedience The official manual of the Umbrella Revolution, deemed the kindest protests in the world.
Random Free Stock Photos A collection of public domain stock photos for any activist graphics project.
Chirbit A simple solution for sharing audio clips
Spideroak Zero-knowledge file hosting commended by Edward Snowden. Spideroak doesn’t know what’s in your files, because they’re encrypted before upload
Encryptr Zero-knowledge password manager. Encryptr doesn’t know your passwords because they are encrypted befire being uploaded.
Lig Find any lawyer, and file a claim. Currently in beta.

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