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BOWLING GREEN, OH – The key to maintaining power, and thus the status quo, is the control of information. That is why in countries like North Korea, all media channels are run by the State and internet access is heavily restricted. It could be argued that is also why most media conglomerates in the United States are owned by just 6 corporations.

Thanks to assistance from the Solutions Institute, three internet newspapers have now launched to give people around the world unrestricted access to hard-hitting journalism. After assisting the Pontiac Tribune and The Voice of Idaho, SI advisors took on the Snohomish County Reporter.

Our client, investigative journalist Brandia Taamu, had been a blogger in Snohomish County, Washington, for four years. She had outgrown the medium, and was ready to move her reporting to an online newspaper with a professional look and the additional features needed to draw a large audience. Brandia told SI what she needed, and we got to work. She was more than pleased with our assistance and the final product. Her traffic is up over 80%, and the newspaper is doing just what she wanted it to do. She sent us this endorsement, which we are pleased to share:

I was a small time activist blogger with a message that needed to be heard, but no way to get it out. Then I was referred to the Solutions Institute and the rest, as they say, is history. They taught me everything I needed to know about how to set up an actual newspaper (and are still teaching me), and because of this we went from about 60 visits per day on our blog to up to 5000 visits a day on our newspaper.

Though previously the 60 visits consisted mostly of the people I was writing about, now we are engaging the community and that is where the real change has happened and will continue to happen. Please don’t just strike out on your own blindly, or you will flounder like I did for over four years. Our message needs to be heard and with big media it will never even be given an audience. Please do not let your voices be silenced. Work with the activists here, and then take what you learn and teach others so we can make those changes. I don’t have an actual way to thank SI except to do the best I can and help others learn to advocate for their own communities.

Brandia Taamu
Founder, SnoCoReporter

The Pontiac Tribune gets more than 100,000 hits a month; TVOI and SnoCoReporter provide outlets for aggressive investigative journalism. Solutions Institute is proud to have assisted in the development of these three fine online publications. We wish them continuing success and growth.

Solutions Institute believes in independent media and celebrates its increasing visibility. We invite inquiries from independent news outlets needing help developing or upgrading their web sites.

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