Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Caroline Collins
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BOWLING GREEN – The Voice of Idaho (TVOI) News, an internet newspaper out of Idaho, relaunched with a brand-new website and web hosting last week, courtesy of the Solutions Institute and Activist Tech Solutions.

TVOI News had been in operation for 5 months, providing high-quality alternative news content to people around the nation, and then in February had to move the website from their current hosting provider to a larger one. That task proved tedious and expensive, leaving their website down for nearly two weeks, until SI referred them to Activist Tech Solutions (ATS). ATS took care of TVOI’s website needs, but TVOI News was left with a theme much more fitting for a blog than a news site.

In the next two weeks, the Solutions Institute was able to build TVOI a brand-new website and give them technical assistance to utilize it. This new site cements their legitimacy when covering issues important to all Idahoans and will allow them to become the most trusted news network in the state.


The new site is located at

Becky Hudson and Michael Emery from TVOI said:

“Our experience with web developers has been a painful path just like over 40% of people who wish for a website, but don’t know how, only to find themselves victims of incompetent or unethical business practices. Solutions Institute is a place you can count on with confidence, whether you have a blog or a fully functional news agency.

As we grow in our state others may wish to model themselves after us and SI is where we will send them.”

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