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Brandon Keibler


Activists launch organization against local-level warrantless surveillance

As of today, January 24, 2014, a coalition of activists nationwide has launched an organization called Project Digital Privacy. The goal of the organization is to end warrantless digital surveillance by local police forces in which programs, like STINGRAY, tap into and collect metadata on cell phones, computers, and more, without warrant.

These programs, while very intrusive and disturbing, have not been publicly shown to prevent crime because, in cities like Baltimore, Maryland, police have been extremely reluctant to release the results of warrantless surveillance programs.

Our organization is being launched because of the recent public attention to warrantless surveillance. We strongly believe that every person values the natural rights bestowed upon them – one of those being security and privacy, both in person and effects. We believe that with the recent uses of programs like STINGRAY by local police departments, the security and privacy of an individual are threatened.

If you would like to learn more about our organization, our website is and our email is

About Brandon Keibler:

Brandon Keibler is a 16-year-old from Southern Indiana with a fire to end warrantless surveillance. He previously helped found Restore the Fourth and helped organize their national Anti-National Security Agency protests. These protests, which gained international media attention from the BBC, The Guardian, NBC News, FOX, CNET, RT, and CNN, even forced the NSA itself to respond a day before the protests. He is now the founder of Project Digital Privacy, an organization dedicated to ending warrantless surveillance by state and local law enforcement.


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