Our number one goal is to help anyone reduce or replace force. Several times a month, we will highlight projects that accomplish that mission. This week, we interviewed Cody Drummond, creator of the “Peace Keeper” emergency communication app. As he explains in the interview below, in an emergency, we often have to call a stranger to come to our location and ensure our safety. The average police response time is 10 minutes. With the peace keeper app, you can instantly communicate with people, such as friends and family, who have a personal incentive to help you if you’re in danger, whether a fire, medical, or criminal emergency.

How could this reduce force?

According to Cody, this app could reduce force in three ways:

1. It will help you communicate with those who have a personal incentive to help you, thus reducing misunderstandings and violence against you.

2. It will reduce the amount of calls to emergency services, thus reducing the amount of robbery needed to fund those responses.

3. It will reduce calls to emergency services, thereby reducing the necessity and size of those services, and reducing the robbery needed to fund those services.

Listen to the interview below:

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