SI Client Announces First Action Team

The Digital Privacy Project is coalition of activists, both amateur and professional, with strong backing from The Solutions Institute and the support of many former members of Restore the Fourth. Project Digital Privacy has just announced the Maryland Team of Project Digital Privacy, their accomplishments, and what they plan to accomplish in the future. This team, headed up by Jake McCauley, has shown energy and resolve in bringing privacy issues to the attention of citizens and city councils in the state.

The Digital Privacy Project, started in Indiana by 16-year-old Brandon Keibler, believes that every person values the natural rights bestowed upon them, including the right to security and privacy, both in person and in effects. They encourage those who are concerned about warrantless surveillance to take action, and to spread the awareness to those who are not yet aware of mass surveillance.

The Maryland Team is led by  Jake McCauley from Baltimore, Maryland, who has been privacy-conscious his whole life. Jake has been lobbying the Baltimore City Council, and will continue to do so, while working to bring more supporters to the cause and eventually show the Council how much digital privacy means to everyone in Baltimore, including the Council members themselves.

Helen Hankey, a high school student in Annapolis, Maryland, has been working in her school to educate on privacy issues and collect signatures in support of digital privacy. In three days, she gathered more than 100 signatures, all from her fellow students. She presented them on April 6 to Anne Arundel County Council, along with a speech that was the only one applauded that night. The secretary of the Council took her resolution, and the Maryland team will be monitoring its progress though the legislative process until it can be put up for a vote.

In the future, Project Digital Privacy is looking forward to working throughout all of Maryland. They hope that soon, by their efforts and with assistance from others, the Baltimore City Council will join the cause and rectify the loss of privacy that all citizens currently endure. They urge anyone who shares their concerns to email or call the Baltimore City Council and let them know what’s at stake.


Baltimore City Council Contact Link

Project Digital Privacy Maryland Team Facebook Page

To learn more about the Digital Privacy Project, visit their website, or email them at

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