BOWLING GREEN – The activists who started National Adjunct Walkout Day (NAWD) were new to making their voices heard, and worried about backlash to the point that the primary organizer remained anonymous throughout conversations with the Solutions Institute. Yet through their determined efforts, the National Adjunct Walkout Day raised awareness of working conditions for Adjunct teachers in over 30 states, with over 200 college and university groups participating.

The NAWD movement started as a simple hashtag, #NAWD, which led to a date for a rally, and eventually led to a mass walkout day to educate the U.S. and the world on adjunct teacher issues. Adjunct teachers often face harsh working conditions, such as wages below the U.S. poverty line, a lack of basic insurance and benefits, and often have to purchase their own class materials and lesson plans in order to even be able to teach.

According to

“The average adjunct earns less than $2,000 per course he teaches, per semester. If an adjunct is lucky enough to teach four classes per semester, two semesters per year (sometimes at separate colleges), his annual earnings could roughly be $16,000…That meager salary can’t be expected to cover a mortgage, living expenses, and the student loans that many still owe for their degrees.”

The National Adjunct Walkout Day was held February 25th and was designed to start a national conversation on adjunct issues. It would be hard to argue it didn’t. It was covered by PBS News, Inside Higher Education, Waging Nonviolence, and hundreds of other blogs and local newspapers.

AKA National Adjunct thanked the Solutions Institute for our assistance:

“The Solutions Institute gave National Adjunct Walkout Day key ideas and useful suggestions at a critical time. As a grassroots call to action, we had to be as effective as possible with volunteer labor and limited means. [SI President Dan Johnsons’s] consultation and specific suggestions were extremely helpful and tailored for us.”

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