Know Your Rights Rally a Resounding Success


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Toledo Blade Coverage of  Know Your Rights Toledo

Toledo Blade Coverage of Know Your Rights Toledo

TOLEDO, OH – A grassroots rally for police accountability, the first event in the United States to receive SI assistance, was a resounding success. In spite of a grim forecast, pouring rain for the latter half of the rally, and only 2-3 weeks of preparation, the “Know Your Rights Toledo” rally brought over 30 people, kicked off a serious local movement for police body cameras, and garnered coverage from multiple local media outlets.

As a national conversation has been started on police accountability, one part of the proposed solutions to climbing numbers of police brutality and excessive force cases has been body cameras for each officer to wear while on-duty. They function much like a police report, but instead of only recording information in written form, pitting the word of an officer against that of the victim or arrestee, they provide a much clearer picture of incidents between public servants and civilians.

In addition, they have already raised awareness of police brutality in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where an officer wearing a helmet cam was filmed shooting a homeless camper in the back, and in Cleburne, TX where an officer’s body cam filmed him killing a small dog in cold blood, not to mention a study on their effectiveness in Rialto, CA where they reduced public complaints by 88% and officer use of force by 60%.

The know your rights movement started off as a one-off rally; hold signs, hand out flyers, and go home, but, with the help of SI advisers Ford Fischer, Justin Breen, Dan Johnson, and Greg McWhirter, it has now turned into a Toledo grassroots campaign to put body cameras on each officer in the city, reducing force, and the use of it, and reducing the chances of costly settlements paid out by Toledoans over excessive uses of that police force.

Arriana Delauder, rally organizer along with Sierra Moore, noted:

“I couldn’t be happier with the experience, knowledge, and friendships I’ve gained while working with SI and Daniel. The rally he helped me coach went better than I could have hoped for.”

Dan Johnson, President of SI, said:

“I could not have been more excited about the outcome of this rally, and the passion of the organizers to create real change in their community. Nearly 50 people were recruited for the ongoing movement, 13ABC, NBC24, and the Toledo Blade, all local mainstream media outlets, covered the rally, and the Toledo Police Chief was recorded in favor of body cameras on his officers. I’m really glad we were able to help make this a success, and I look forward to working with the organizers to finish the job.”

With SI’s help, ideas become reality. We are in the pre-launch phase, and accepting pilot projects now. Contact us for help with your activism today at:


UPDATE 12/15/14: Toledo, Ohio is in Lucas County. Prior to the rally and preparation for it, the Lucas County Sheriff’s Department indicated they had no plans to purchase body cameras. After the rally, the office tested out a few new cameras for their officers, and they have now purchased 15.

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