Tools for Writing


Word processing programs point out major spelling and grammar errors, but their first priority is to produce a document well and not make sure it looks good. Grammarly catches errors your word processor won’t, and provides an excellent platform to review your work before publishing it for the world to see.


Word processors focus on production, Grammarly focuses on grammar, but Hemingway focuses on the overall readability of your final product. It analyzes sentences for length, complication, and active or passive tense and suggest changes to those. It’s the cherry on top of your Grammarly and Word sundae, so to speak.


One of the toughest issues many internet media sites face is to not only report legitimate news, a challenge in itself, but to look credible to the casual observer. iCopyright allows any blogger or website owner to republish information from the Associated Press, Pro-Publica, and many more respected outlets, at no cost. You can publish accurate, credible content, and the content creator can reap some of the rewards. A definite Win-win all around for any site looking to increase its credibility.

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