From the Ticketing, Event or Archive page, look for the button that says “Register.”

Once you have clicked “Register.” the next page that loads is the Membership Level page. It describes the level (Tickets or Archive) and the price…click the “Select”t button.

The next page that loads is the Membership Checkout page. This is the page where you actually register as a user. Type in the required information, confirm that you are human and then click the PayPal Checkout button. On the PayPal page, log-in to your account and proceed, or choose to pay with a card. (You do not have to sign up for a PayPal account!) When you have filled in the information that PayPal requires, click the “Pay” button and you are done with the transaction.

IF YOU HAVE A DISCOUNT CODE – On the next page that loads, the very last fine print line in the box just above the Account Information fill in the blank section that says, “Do you have a discount code? Click here to enter your discount code.” Click it and complete the registration, then click the PayPal checkout button and proceed as described above. (You won’t actually go to PayPal if it is a 100% discount)

Now that you have paid and registered… go back to the Event or Archive page and click the button that says “Login” and click it. (If your browser caches cookies and you go back to the page immediately after signing up, you are probably already logged in) If you are returning to the site at a later date, clicking “Login” will bring up a Log In page, enter your user name and password and hit enter. You will be taken to a Dashboard page.

From the dashboard page, in the upper left you will see a HOME icon and The Solutions Institute. Click on that link and you will be taken to the home page from where you can navigate back to the event or archive page where you can begin using your membership.(You may have problems with older versions of Internet Explorer – sorry – you may have to clear your cookies and cache)

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