Being CEO of an all volunteer international non profit 501c3 presents many challenges unlike any other business I have encountered. Along with the typical growing pains of a start up company, the dynamic of an all-volunteer workplace has been as difficult as it has been rewarding.
Solutions Institute quickly identified some weaknesses in our strategy and offered some “out of the box” solutions as well as a well needed objective perspective. After implementing some of the ideas and watching results happen quickly, we began to probe deeper. I am looking forward to working with some of the other experts on the team.
The Human Solution Intl. is continuing to use Solutions Institutes’s resources and I recommend that anyone running a business give them a try.
Joe Grumbine

Chief Executive Officer, The Human Solution International, THSIntl.org

Words cannot adequately describe how much you’ve helped us and how valuable your skill sets are, but here’s a shot:

The Solutions Institute worked with Citizens Allied for Integrity and Accountability (CAIA) to support the group’s growth, organizational foundations, and effectiveness. SI has been an invaluable asset to the group. They meet weekly with CAIA via phone conference and have helped members develop best practices for organizing their leadership, building their power in the community, and creating effective communications. SI has advised on strategies for media and volunteer outreach.

C.A.I.A. is grateful for The Solutions Institute’s expertise and dedication to helping small groups stand up for what is right.  As an organization, we have achieved much in a relatively short time frame — in large part because of their unwavering commitment to our success.

We would highly recommend The Solutions Institute to any group who truly wants to achieve their goals and objectives.


Activist/Volunteer, Citizens Allied for Integrity and Accountability (C.A.I.A.)

I was a small time activist blogger with a message that needed to be heard, but no way to get it out. Then I was referred to the Solutions institute and the rest, as they say, is history. They taught me everything I needed to know on how to set up an actual newspaper(and are still teaching me), and because of this we went from about 60 visits per day on our blog to up to 5000 visits a day on our newspaper.

Though previously the 60 visits consisted mostly of the people I was writing about, now we are engaging the community and that is where the real change has happened and will continue to happen. Please don’t just strike out on your own blindly, or you will flounder like I did for over 4 years. Our message needs to be heard and with big media it will never even be given an audience, please do not let your voices be silenced. Work with the activists here, and then take what you learn and teach others so we can make those changes. I don’t have an actual way to thank SI except to do the best I can and help others learn to advocate for their own communities.

Brandia Taamu

Founder, SnoCo Reporter

“While Earth Community is no stranger to activism and media, SI’s Dan Johnson and Steve Beson have worked with us to hone our approach to building our “Wiki for the World” resources for ethnic and grassroots communities. Dan and Steve provide solid advice and a useful sounding board for ideas. In addition, over the months we have been working together, there is a clear commitment from SI to help us become successful with our ambitious project.”

Julian Gearing

Director, Earth Community

“SI tailored their services to my fundraising project with efficiency and punctuality. They also shared and marketed my project to their media contacts, which garnered both publicity and funding.”

Andrew Demeter

Founder, Teen Take

Over the years I’ve worked with [SI Vice President] Justin Breen he has consistently demonstrated extraordinary problem solving skills and provided The Pontiac Tribune with professional custom graphics for whatever I requested, almost immediately! He has a natural gift of turning your ideas into a reality and if needed, improving the overall quality and effectiveness of whatever it is you have in mind. He is honest, reliable and might be the nicest person I’ve ever worked with.

No matter what the task has been, Justin Breen has yet to let me down. Possessing additional talents such as visual effects, editing, motion graphics and an advanced understanding of why groups of people act the way they do through crowd psychology, I highly recommend involving Justin in any projects you’re serious about.”

Aaron Nelson

CEO, Pontiac Tribune

“Knowledge is power and [SI Adviser] Jason Casella has the knowledge on how to get things done. We have been working with Jason for the past year on local issues. We have learned through Jason that we as individuals, small towns and counties, we can make a difference one issue at a time. Thanks Jason!”

Jan & Wayne Montano

Grassroots Southwest Idaho

“Not only has SI helped me turned my dream as an activist into reality, they have have communicated quickly, given me the resources of other like-minded activists and have helped build my knowledge about activism 100 fold.”

Brandon Kiebler

Founder, PDP

“I had the opportunity to work with, and become friends with [SI Adviser] Steve Beson during my run for governor of Florida in 2014.   Steve worked tirelessly for the campaign, and was a tremendous asset to our team.   His professionalism, media skills, and political instinct are matched only by his sincere desire to restore our Constitutional Republic.  I have known him to be a man of integrity, principle, and solid work ethic.  He is a leader in the liberty movement, and I highly recommend him to any project or campaign that could benefit from his direction and energy.”

Adrian Wyllie

Chairman, Florida Libertarian Party

Thank you to [SI Adviser] Jason Casella and the PANDA organization in Gem County as they were instrumental in educating the public and our elected officials on Agenda 21 and the Smart Growth programs. This has helped us all to be aware and cautious of any future programs that promote these agendas.

Bill Butticci

Mayor, City of Emmett, ID

” [SI Vice President] Justin Breen has shown exemplary dedication to the movement for truth and liberty.
It has been my pleasure to work with Justin for a year in variety of areas. He has demonstrated his prowess with a multitude of abilities. He has shown to be a creative, reliable, and well informed individual.”

Sherrie Penn

GA Activists

“[SI Adviser] Shane Trejo is a tireless activist who has developed a very specialized expertise in building movements for single-issue campaigns. Need to organize coalitions, generate awareness and get legislation introduced and passed? Shane knows how to get it done. His years of work with the Tenth Amendment Center have played a vital role in our successful efforts across the political spectrum.”

Michael Boldin

Executive Director, Tenth Amendment Center

“[SI Adviser] Jason Casella, stands tall when it comes to setting a responsible example, no one tackles the NDAA issue like Jason Casella and Dan Johnson. In this day and age, people can’t seem to offer their time, when in most cases it really comes down to organization and priorities. Jason offers those he works with – transparency and finely tuned skills to make “your effort” and time spent a professional success!”

Alternate Current Radio Team

Praise for SI President Dan Johnson’s previous project:

“Organizations determined to protect you and your family came out in support of our bill. None provided help as much PANDA, the People Against the NDAA. With a long list of successful campaigns against the NDAA, PANDA is one of the strongest supporters of our Constitutional rights.”

Jared Wright

State Representative, Colorado's 54th District

“When warning citizens of what he sees as the dangers of the National Defense Authorization Act, Dan Johnson makes no distinction between members of the Occupy Movement or the Tea Party.”

Milton Standard-Journal

‘Thank you [Dan Johnson] for your advocacy in fighting for our constitutional and civil liberties.”

Jeff Merkley

Senator (D-OR)

“PANDA and the Patriot Coalition were a huge help to me, both in providing resources and information about the NDAA and in getting people mobilized to contact Representatives and Senators to gather support for the bill.”

Kendell Kroeker

State Representative, Wyoming's 35th District

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