We have fantastic news from Idaho, where we’ve been helping Citizens Allied for Integrity and Accountability put the brakes on a runaway train: for-profit fracking, unfairly advantaged by regulations that allow “forced pooling,” which amounts to legalized theft of private property. The news? CAIA has just received official standing to represent their members in court. They understand the issues and know the law, and now they can help people hold onto their rights:

On Thursday, Tommy Butler, the Hearing Officer in the Fruitland forced-pooling matters, granted Citizens Allied for Integrity and Accountability’s (CAIA’s) request to officially intervene on behalf of our members threatened with Integration by Alta Mesa’s two applications for Sections 14 and 19!

It is now official:  CAIA is the only organization in the State of Idaho with the legal authority to challenge this blatant attempt to force Idaho citizens to give up their property rights.

Full announcement here: Forced Pooling Update:

That’s activism when it really matters. If you don’t know much about forced pooling, here’s a little background:

Forced pooling happens after a promising patch of land is identified by a company that wants to extract and sell what’s under it. First, owners of the land are asked if they would like to lease the rights to the resources under their land. Some people are rightly suspicious, dislike the terms, or don’t want oil or gas extracted from their property, period. It’s a noisy, polluting, and unnecessary process that is protested around the world. They’re the hold-outs.

Holding out isn’t all it’s fracked up to be, though. Those who refuse to sign an agreement will be forced into a pooled agreement if enough of their neighbors take the bait. Citizens Allied for Integrity and Accountability (CAIA) was formed to fight compulsory participation in such schemes. More on this and other issues at their web site, integrityandaccountability.org.

We heard from Alma Hasse, an active CAIA Board Member, who said

Words cannot adequately describe how much you’ve helped us and how valuable your skill sets are, but here’s a shot:

The Solutions Institute worked with Citizens Allied for Integrity and Accountability (CAIA) to support the group’s growth, organizational foundations, and effectiveness. SI has been an invaluable asset to the group. They meet weekly with CAIA via phone conference and have helped members develop best practices for organizing their leadership, building their power in the community, and creating effective communications. SI has advised on strategies for media and volunteer outreach.

C.A.I.A. is grateful for The Solutions Institute’s expertise and dedication to helping small groups stand up for what is right.  As an organization, we have achieved much in a relatively short time frame — in large part because of their unwavering commitment to our success.

We would highly recommend The Solutions Institute to any group who truly wants to achieve their goals and objectives.

Citizens Allied for Integrity and Accountability has shown that they have what it takes to change the status quo in property rights disputes where government and commerce are lined up against property owners. We look forward to assisting them in the future.


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