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SIlogosquare The Solutions Institute is the first-ever activist training center dedicated entirely to helping people take their power back from politicians. While many organizations have a single focus or issue that they advocate for, the Solutions Institute focuses on teaching people around the world how to make a difference, and, if they are already an activist, how to do it better.

In our first seven months, we have helped over 40 diverse clients start three alternative newspapers, bring thousands of people to protests and town hall meetings, and get covered by numerous local, national, and global media outlets.

We are professionals and activists from across the political spectrum, from March Against Monsanto to 2nd Amendment advocacy, from medical cannabis to civil liberties, and from the “left” to the “right.” We are radio hosts, community organizers, psychologists, IT wizards, media professionals and public speakers, street activists, video artists, and researchers, united for one purpose: Take power away from politicians.

We teach graphic and web design, how to build a coalition and how to start a movement, dealing with all levels of government, how to start a protest, how to pass and repeal legislation, and more. We have over 50 advising areas. We teach people how to become activists, and established organizations the tips and tricks of returning power to the people. We believe that good ideas don’t require force, and by reducing political force, taking power away from politicians, you can change the world. We’re just here to help.

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