When I first started looking into green screen options, my biggest problem was deciding what items I should accumulate first. There is a wide range of production equipment available to an average video producer, and price is a significant constraint. I have, however, found some really affordable products that get the job done if you are looking to start using green screens.

These products are available about $170, which is relatively cheap for a green screen set up. In this video I will not only include the products, but some general tips for using them. These tips bring up some methods you have to look deeper into, but will get you started on the main areas of focus for proper green screen work!

Creative video production is less about equipment, and more about how you use the equipment you have. I hope this gets everyone started in the right direction, and if you think it did, leave a comment on the video of your results!

Green Screen: http://tinyurl.com/qhsa8mn $119 from Amazon
3 point lighting system: http://tinyurl.com/pusnbe3 $50 from Amazon

Joseph Lemieux is the Founder of Politically Exhausted Television, and strives to produce high quality video content for a fraction of the commercial price. He is also a producer, and graphic designer for The Pontiac Tribune.

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