ActCon III Video Archive is Now Available

It’s time to work smarter, not harder. ActCon III was our third activist online training conference, designed to train more activist leaders to make a bigger impact. Recorded Live Saturday, September 19th 12-7 PM EST. get_archives

Professional Training and Resources for Activists

Personal Training

Personal training sets us apart. Whether you need an entire game plan, or help in a specific area, contact us for expert help with your movement. We want to help you change the world.

Group Training

Want to bring our knowledge to your group? Our selection of speakers can reach out to you via skype, or in person, and for groups as small as ten people to as large as thousands of people.


Explore a diverse and extensive array of materials to be more effective in your cause with our constantly updated library of tools, resources, and databases for every area of activism.

Forget frantic Google searches. The Solutions Institute Activist Map is a revolutionary platform for coalition, building, advertising, and connecting for political action across the United States. Add your organization so potential activists can find you, connect with grassroots leaders in your area, and generate massive social change. It all starts here.

Project Digital Privacy was founded as a result of increased social activism in regards to government surveillance, especially in the online age. PDP is an organization that is dedicated to non-violently ending unconstitutional digital surveillance at the local level. SI advisers are helping PDP refine its final strategy, and prepare for launch.

Weekly Updates, Stories, and Resources

Battle of the Bands: Activism Can Reach the Mainstream

Hard Rock Rising’s Global Battle of the Bands online voting ends on Monday, February 16, 2015. Solutions Institute advocates the candidacy of The Siren, who is best known for the invention of a genre of music called Epicstep. The Siren includes cuts from revolutionary speeches and his own radical activism into dance tracks, covering topics including politics, science, space, energy technology, and foreign affairs.

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The Easy Process for Writing Anything

Before we start, it is imperative to understand the definition of communication. communication: a two-way process of reaching mutual understanding in which the participants exchange (encode-decode) information and create and share meaning across space and time....

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