1. Opinions those of authors. Activism, perhaps more than any other industry, raises fierce passions on all sides. The Solutions Institute only takes one position: We want to reduce political force. Otherwise, each article published at the Solutions Institute is chosen for its focus on the process and how-to instruction. Any opinions expressed on any issue, by any author, are strictly their own. Because of the variety of content we feature, the selection of opinions in the comment sections of each article is simply based on which other sites and sources promote it. Each commentator’s opinions are their own, and a majority viewpoint in the comment section should not be taken to represent the SI network, its supporters, clients, advisers, or affiliates.

2. Legal compliance. No advice on this site, or from advisers, should be considered legal advice. Activists should check their local laws to ensure legal compliance, and take responsibility for any choice to violate them. As in any industry, no advice is guaranteed to work in all situations. The Solutions Institute is not responsible for any harm or injury incurred by following our advice.

3. Services. Any activist who passes the application process can choose from one of three levels. Both SI Active and SI Free are services run by the Solutions Institute, and all finances will directly find the institute. However, “Hire an Adviser” services, including but not limited to, video editing, brand management, graphic design, event filming, group training, programming, web design, are facilitated between the client and adviser. The Solutions Institute only connects clients with advisers, and is not responsible for the quality of any advice or services rendered. Any costs are negotiated directly between the adviser and the client. Further, the Solutions Institute may offer premium or subscription services in addition to gratis advising, and the cost of these services is at the discretion of the Institute.

5. Advocation of increased political force. In the case of a Solutions Institute client advocating increased political force, they will receive a warning and Solutions Institute Advisers will ensure there is a clear understanding of the cardinal rule. If the client chooses to continue to advocate force, they will no longer receive Solutions Institute assistance, and any association with the Solutions Institute must be immediately removed. Learn more about this policy. 

5. Non-discrimination. The Solutions Institute may accept, or reject, any application for help from any activist. However, we will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, religion, gender identity or expression, ancestry or marital status.

6. Right to modify. These disclaimers may be changed, added to, or subtracted from at any time by the Solutions Institute. The date of the latest update will be listed below.

Any further questions can be directed here.

Updated: 8-8-15

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