Residents living in Arroyo receive clean water from our volunteers and partners


In the wake of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, Solutions Institute has partnered with We Do Better, Global Empowerment Mission, Bethenny Frankel and Third Wave Volunteers to form #BStrongGlobal Better. This collective is currently re-imagining the possibility of community organizing and development. What started as a relief aid effort has evolved into an unprecedented systemic overhaul meant to revitalize the vibrant island.

Starting from a warehouse in Miami, the coalition distributed millions of pounds of food and supplies to the devastated areas using 55 donated planes from our collective networks. Not only did we serve as a local drop-off point, but we facilitated the acquisition of donated supplies from dozens of cities all around the country. Bethenny Frankel made several TV appearances promoting our cause, and the public support we received confirmed what we believed going into this: that the people, united, can overcome anything.

As the 1st phase of #BStrongGlobalBetter meets its completion, we are helping to develop the 2nd phase that which involves aiding in the restructuring of the economic and social capabilities of the Caribbean Islands. After disseminating over 10 million pounds of aid to these Islands, we continue our efforts in helping Puerto Rico to regain their economic independence by drilling wells, promoting and teaching permaculture, providing food service, and installing solar panels; all of which will hopefully lead to a more self-sustainabe and independent existence, one that can weather the next potential storm and still thrive.

This is the rebuilding of the Caribbean Islands through the power of the people, an unprecedented measure only realized through the eyes of the people who are truly experiencing this crisis. While we begin to help with the recovery and rebuilding of the Caribbean Islands, now is the time to begin considering a world that is only conceivable through a focus on sustainability.

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